Arizona Youth Summer Camp Programs
Summer Camp 2022

Who Are We?

We are an independent nonprofit organization chartered by the Boy Scouts of America to deliver youth programs throughout most of central and northern Arizona. Utilizing a century of tradition in the outdoors in our Scout camps and programs, these six-day programs are available to ALL youth aged 13 and above as we expand our mission to serve all youth by teaching them outdoor and leadership skills.

Young men and women are encouraged to get involved, enjoy the outdoors, create friendships, and explore new hobbies and interests as they learn in a safe, structured setting. Our traditional summer camp program is also available to all youth to participate in, regardless of your current Scouting affiliation!

Fish Camp is our high-end angling program offered by Trout Unlimited! Youth 13+ will learn the ecology necessary to select proper fly or bait, understand where to cast, and master the art provoking fish to attack your fly or lure! This is not your grandfather’s cane pole fishing experience.

Build all the components of the drone and participate in obstacle competitions in our new drone flight training summer camp program. Youth 13+ learn to tune the drones performance using software controls and fly in competitions with first person viewer mode in real-time!

Arizona’s Camp Geronimo takes adventure in camping to a whole new level with Spade Ranch Adventures! Youth 14+ can take their pick of caving, horseback riding, canoeing, mountain biking, and canyoneering! We encourage adults to participate, why should the kids have all the fun?