Spade Ranch High Adventure Camp (Discontinued)

Spade Ranch at Camp Geronimo

Spade Ranch Adventure is designed for youth 14 years and older looking for an exciting and challenging outdoor experience. Campers will mountain bike in the shadow of the Mogollon Rim, go caving at Diamond Point, climb natural rock in Coconino National Forest, and more! Led by a team of trained and experienced staff, your child will learn how to overcome their fears by working as a team while having the summer of their lives! 

Who Is Spade Ranch High Adventure Camp For?

Spade Ranch is a high-adventure program offered by the Grand Canyon Council, BSA.  This is not a traditional summer camp—participants 14 and older will be introduced to and learn how to dive into exciting programs such as caving, canoeing, natural rock climbing and mountain biking.  Join our expert staff and volunteers for an unforgettable summer experience. 

Session Dates: July 17-20, July 20-23, July 24-27, July 27-30
Your time at camp:

Day 1: Participants arrive and settle in their campsite before going through team building activities as a group. All participants will take the swimmer test on Day 1.

Day 2 & 3: Your schedule will depend upon which activity your group will be doing that day. All the activities will start after breakfast, so be prepared and bring all the items necessary for that day’s activity. There will be a one out-of-camp experience. 


Day 4: Last day at camp! Participate in some large group games after packing up to go home. 

Swimmer Test (Required for Canoeing):

Jump feet first into water over the head in depth. Level off and swim 75 yards in a strong manner using one or more of the following strokes: sidestroke, breaststroke, trudgen, or crawl; then swim 25 yards using an easy resting backstroke. The 100 yards must be completed in one swim without stops and must include at least one sharp turn. After completing the swim, rest by floating.

Camp Experiences Will Include:
  • Caving – Participants will explore one of the many caves located along the Mogollon Rim. Be  prepared to get muddy as you experience total darkness, learn about cave formations, and practice low impact caving techniques.

  • Natural Rock Climbing and Canoeing at Blue Ridge Reservoir – If you like the feel of a climbing harness, the cool touch of natural rock, and the taste of sweat as adrenalin pumps through your system, then this is the program for you. In the cool morning participants will practice basic climbing skills and spend the afternoon canoeing in the reservoir 
  • Mountain Biking – Participants will have an introductory class on the principles and techniques of Mtn Biking including short and long rides through and on trails around Camp Geronimo. 
  • Low COPE – Participants will have the opportunity to enhance their team building and leadership skills with interactive activities.
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