Explore, Engineer, and Evolve

Drone Flight School is an overnight program designed for gifted students aged 14 years and older. Led by students from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, campers will experience an immersive program that focuses on math, physics, career exploration, and mastering drone flight technology. They will then go on “missions” across camp that put their skills to the test.

The Drone Flight School includes:

  • Meals and lodging at Camp Geronimo
  • Expert instruction!
  • A best selling beginner drone!

2022 Session Dates: 

  • June 5-11
  • June 12-18

2022 Registration

Please contact Carly Farr, Camp Registrar, to register!

What You Will Experience at Drone Flight School

This is not your traditional summer camp experience— participants will learn real-world STEM applications, explore the business and industry of drones, and master technology unavailable to most youth today. Interested participants will become proficient in technical skills such as racing drones, but most importantly, these youth will have an incredible opportunity to learn and grow in a community of fellow adventurers. Our Camp Counselors are trained to mentor participants and create a collaborative environment designed to build strong relationships, encourage independence, and allow each camper to share unique gifts and talents in an outdoor classroom.




• Real-world STEM application for the nextgeneration of engineers, scientists, makers, and hobbyists

• Education of the industry and the future of drones

• Exploration of the business and capability of drones

• The entrepreneur’s mindset behind drone technology

• Flight control, coding and agility racing and challenges

• Low Instructor to student ratio 

• Adult-led instructors with experience and passion working with students and STEM

• Lesson plans encourage students to work within small teams to achieve common goals

• Drone safety and the social responsibilities of flying drones

• Curriculum specifically designed for both the novice and experienced drone enthusiasts

These are images of the Drone that is included with the program

(Specific Drone model may change due to supply chain issues)